My recent work has gone under the collective title “Digital Paradise.”

All human activity faces an inevitable “coming to terms with” the ascendent technological realities, realities predicated on the operation of an ever increasing sphere of information based technologies. The concept of digital information  is perhaps the pre-eminent symbol of our time as our society faces an exhilarating yet uncertain future. Whether that future becomes a  “Digital Paradise” or some sort of Orwellian nightmare we are unlikely to predict. In our contemporary environment we can witness strands of the principles traditionally identified as good and evil but our view of the world depends on the relativity of our particular circumstance. Obviously our position in society, the type of community in which we live, our age,sex and history will determine our view as to the level of good and evil which is prevalent in the world.

    The future of society then is an unknown and unknowable entity. Utopian speculations inevitably fail to measure up to reality, yet the archetype of the perfect state of being/society continues to stimulate the activities of humankind-witness the messianic claims of many of the new technologies.

   I have chosen to speculate on the prospect of a “Digital Paradise”,not because I believe that this is what we will get- but that more probably we will get something in the way of a new society that we did not anticipate. We have a right to expect the world we inherit will not be totally undermined by the negative aspects of new technology.



In my work, the grid speaks of the digital network. Personal codes of meaning transect the grid. Meaning constantly shifts across the interstices. The grid is the neural network-memory lights the frames and flickers throughout the lattice.

   The grid is a map. It is the unravelling of DNA-It is the Human Genome Project. A circuit diagram for fantastic future machines dreaming human dreams.



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