Canal 2002
Acrylic on Board
Image size: 50 by 30 cm
Framed size: 87 by 63 cm

Of Time and Space
Acrylic on Wood on Board
Image size: 122 by 92 cm
Private Collection

Artist’s Comments:

After exhibiting in the Kunstrai
exhibition in Amsterdam in 1997 with
Akky Van Ogtrop Fine Arts, I was
particularly interested to explore the
potential for linear abstraction which
was evident in my earlier work.

In these works, completed post-2000, I have experimented with painted
wooden constructions. Many of the
works illustrated exist as parts of series. These works use similar modes of construction. This creates subtle perceptual and optical effects in individual works.

To me, these pieces capture the
“flavour” of the work that I experienced in Amsterdam at the Kunstrai and later in New York.


Red Sky at Night 2002
Acrylic on Board
Image size: 57.5 by 30 cm
Framed size: 87 by 62.5 cm


Metaphysics by the Pool
Oil on canvas
Image size: 5.5ft by 7ft

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