Kurnai Nation c1987
Charcoal on Paper. 162 by 145cm.
On Loan to The Peter MacCallum
Cancer Institute, Melbourne.

        Digital Paradise (Series)
        Gouache on Paper, 1993.
        35 by 46 cm.Framed in Perspex.

These are a sample of works on paper I completed during the 1980’s through to the 1990’s.  Such works were often precursors to larger painted works in either acrylic or oil. Other sketches, particularly in gouache, formed the source material for a small number of tapestry works completed by the Victorian Tapestry Workshop in Melbourne.
In general, I have considered such works on paper as a staging post in the development of my ideas. Later I  continued to work through the visual material that has emerged in these records of imaginative activity. I believe they share a common theme of musical spontaneity and improvisation as applied to the visual realm.

The Football Party
Gouache on Paper, c1993.
    50 by 66 cm (est). Private Collection.




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